New Statistics For Relievers – CMP

I’m inventing a new statistic for relievers. It’s called the CMP. Or the Crap My Pants ratio.

As a fan of the Detroit Tigers I’ve lived through Willie Hernandez, Mike Henneman, Todd Jones and now Fernando Rodney, with a few others in between.

Many ask, how can you rate the quality of a relief pitcher?  Is it based on saves? ERA?  Runners allowed?

I think it’s a combination of all those.  Which can all be funneled nicely into my CMP ratio.

10 is a perfect CMP ratio and 1 is the worst.

A true baseball fan knows their team. Their emotions react in accordance with how their team functions and plays.

If your relief pitcher consistently makes you want to crap your pants everytime they come in, then they obviously have a low CMP ratio. Probably somewhere between 1 to 5.

If your relief pitcher doesn’t make you want to crap your pants every time they come in, then their ratio is probably 8 to 10.

A true fan’s emotions aren’t deceiving.  A true fan knows their team.  If fan’s are giving their reliever a CMP ratio of 5 or lower, it’s time for a new reliever.


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