Equilibrium Is In The Leg

Since 1992, our Detroit Lions have gone through many things. We’ve seen Barry Sanders drive defenses crazy. As fans we’ve seen coaches like Fontes, Mariucci and Marinelli come and go. Matt Millen tormented us for nearly a decade. This organization has given us fans very little consistency to depend on.

In the midst of this seeming eternal transition, we’ve been able to count on one thing. Jason Hanson!

Our heads could go dizzy with the constant change of coaches, running backs, quarterbacks and brown sacks we puked in during the Millen era. The only thing to give us a sense of equlibrium as fans has been Jason Hanson.

What can we count on when our team marches 80 yards down the field, only to be stopped in the red zone? A three point field goal! By who? Jason Hanson of course.

Our Detroit Lions march 30 yards down the field after the defense gets a interception and they score a touch down. Who’s been there to score our PAT’s since 1992? Jason Hanson.

I’ll admit it, I’ve developed a certain amount of emotional attachment to Jason Hanson. When he gets injured or if he ever decides to retire, I’m going to feel a little off center emotionally.

Here’s to you Jason Hanson. Our figurative mountain, sun, moon, the constant that won’t go away. May your leg live on forever as you continue to give the organization and us fans a sense of equilibrium.

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