Crazy – Confident Or Kool-Aid Drinkin?

In 2007 our Detroit Lions pulled off a 7-9 record. That was a huge leap from previous years. Then in the preseason of 2008 our offense and defense clicked great and our Detroit Lions went 4-0 in the preseason! A previous year we’re one game shy of hitting .500, then a preseason of undefeated football – Dude I was pumped!

Then sixteen games later, as a fan I’m looking at an oh..oh..oh.oh…0-16 record.

Somewhere between the end of 2008 and the middle of 2009, my moods must of altered about 4000 times! I went from confident to crazy in a six week period!

Maybe my emotional experience as a fan is different. Yet, maybe it’s not!

I know the feeling of a new season. Reading the perky articles on about how the newest quarterback and coach and draft picks are excelling in training camp. Letting the dismal memories of a previous year fade in to oblivion as new aspirations arise for a new year. Yes, I’m writing about the Detroit Lions, not Chicago Cubs.

Let’s face it, our organization can put out some really good Kool-Aid to drink. You know what? I drink it every year!

Yes, a rookie QB completing a pass against our third string practice squad does equate to him being ready for starting day. You can’t deny this well verified fact!

Another unverifiable fact. Sometimes Lions fans have to drink the Kool-Aid to keep sane. We have little to be confident about, and without it, we might go crazy.

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