Detroit Lions Camp Pep Rally Articles

Every year during training camp our Detroit Lions release stories on their website about our coaches or players. These articles usually talk along the lines of “This player really knows what he’ll do to excel this year.” From a coach it might say “Defensive coordinator knows what he’s looking for.”

These stories always give us Lions fan the illusion that everything is on the right track for our team. Shoot, how could we be negative about a team that has players and coaches that know what they want this year?

I used to get mad at these stories and wax cynical, but you know what, at least the organization is trying to make us happy! I want three months of sunshine, lollipops and smiles before the reality of the regular season sets in.

So please Detroit Lions, please keep feeding me this sugar at your trough of optimism. Some day the preseason optimism may line up with a regular season reality. This could be the year!

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