End Blackouts Until Economy Improves

We all know NFL owners are not strapped for cash.  If you own a NFL team, chances are you aren’t in the process of using foodstamps and getting your house foreclosed.

NFL teams will block broadcast of a game locally if a game isn’t a sell out.  Why?  Because of financial reasons.  They think fans are just staying home to watch the game, instead of spending money on tickets to see the game.

Even when the economy is doing good, I view this tactic as very greedy from already rich owners and players.  Now that the economy is terrible and the unemployment rate is hovering in double digits in many states, the NFL blackouts are even more evil to me.  Yes, evil!

It’s the fans who make the NFL possible.  Without the fans, the NFL wouldn’t exist.  Yet many teams financially abuse their fans through soaring ticket prices, odd sales schemes for tickets, high concession prices and even high prices for fan ‘gear’.  Fans endure these things because they love their team.  I think it’s time the NFL owners and players return the favor toward their faithful fans.

One way they could return the favor is by ending blackouts until the economy improves substantially.  NFL owners are not strapped for cash, but many of their fans are.  Let fans of the local team enjoy a game on television during these hard times.  Fans have stuck with their favorite team through thick and thin. It’s now time for the NFL to make some kind of concession to the faithful fans.

Yes the owners may lose some money if they don’t have blackouts.  I have a feeling they’ll survive.  Unfortunately many fans are in a financial place where they may not survive if they give a wad of money to go to a game.  So please, NFL owners, don’t blackout your fans.  They’ve stuck with you, it’s now time you do something to stick with them.

Your fans have sacrificed for you. Can’t you now sacrifice for them?


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