NFL Blackouts- Doing What They Can For Fans?

Here’s a Roger Goodell quote from the NY Times blog on the blackout situation.  I think you’ll see what I’m getting at when I say the reasons for NFL blackouts are a lie.

“We continue to do what we can, knowing what our fans are going through in this environment.” Link

They continue to do what they can?  What does that even mean?  That they’re on the verge of living in a pop-up tent if they make any more moves in favor of the fans?  Please!

I’m sorry, but I’m just not buying it!  My inward Joe Wilson wants to yell, “Liar!”

The greedy NFL owners can do more for the fans.  I’m pretty sure they won’t go bankrupt if they fail to have sell outs.   Yes their padded wallets may be less padded, but the fans wallets are barely padded with enough one dollar bills to get a hot dog at their concession stands.

So NFL owners, make some concessions to us, we’ve already conceded enough to you.


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