Roger Goodwill? Need For Blackouts Is A Lie

I was listening to an interview last week on the radio with Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the NFL. They were talking about blackouts, the current economic situation in our country and some financial concessions the owners have made to the fans this year.

You’d of thought the NFL and its owners were on food-stamps and in the midst of filing bankruptcy if you heard the tone of his voice.  He mentioned that many teams have lowered ticket prices.

We all know these price drops are insignificant.  A 10% drop in ticket prices is not going to make a huge difference for the average NFL fan.  Yet Goodell made it sound like they were just bending over backwards to help fans out in such hard economic times.  He also used this as justification for continuance of the blackouts.

His tone was almost saying, “Look, it’s still a bargain for these games to be on free television, if we made any more concessions to the poor fans, we’d be in the midst of filing bankruptcy and we’d be feeding our family with food-stamps!”

Seriously!  We know these owners aren’t in economic dire straights. We know that canceling blackouts won’t send them in to poverty.  All we have here is a case of super rich people wanting to pad their wallets even more.

I’m all for the American dream. Yes I think making money and getting filthy rich is great, but when you own a business like the NFL that has a loyal fan base that has allowed you to pad your wallet for years – There comes a point where you have to return some of the loyalty and quit padding your already fat wallet!

Listen NFL owners, if you were on the verge of losing your home and couldn’t feed your kids, I’d totally buy a pay per view package just so I could watch some NFL.  You’re not on the verge of going out of business and being put on skid-row.

Justifying blackouts by saying that the games are still on free television for most and that this is a good value compared to other sports, well that’s just a lame excuse to continue padding your wallets.

We all know that if you don’t sell out because people are at home watching football, we all know that you’re not going to go broke!  We do know that you’re already padded wallets may not get as padded, but shouldn’t you allow for that, because if it wasn’t for us loyal fans, you wouldn’t have any pad to your wallets in the first place.

The heart of every NFL fan knows that something isn’t right about this situation.  If the NFL doesn’t return some of that loyalty, they may lose some of those loyal hearts.  Then those padded wallets wouldn’t be padded.

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