Lions Vs. Redskins – Time To Pull The Trigger

Five words describe what our Detroit Lions must do this week.  “Time to pull the trigger.”

Our offense has proven they’re capable of scoring points this year.  They are able to move the ball with both the run and the pass.  For some reason they haven’t taken advantages of the opportunities given them by the defense.

Our Detroit Lions defense has proven they can hold opposing offenses at bay for a good percentage of the game. This Detroit Lions defense has showed they can give our offense opportunities to score.  Our defense is strong!

But at the end of the game, the defense has deteriorated. I don’t think this is the fault of the defense.  I think it’s just a matter of pyschology and momentum.  After a while of holding the other team back, and your offense failing to take advantage, the momentum just shifts and the other team scores points.  These points wouldn’t be so significant if our offense would take advantage of the early opportunities the defense has provided.

So it’s time to pull the trigger.  We’ve established that we can run the ball.  We’ve established that we can pass in the short game.   Our defense has proven they can hold the other team back.  Our Detroit Lions can pull the trigger by taking advantag of the opportunities given by the defense. These Detroit Lions can pull the trigger by passing long once the short game has been establshed.

This team has the talent and the firepower.  Now is time to get the job done.

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One Response to “Lions Vs. Redskins – Time To Pull The Trigger”

  1. I am sorry…. I thought you said…”it was time to pull the… plug! Though I was going to better late than never… I soon realized we were on different pages. Here is the thing, and I believe it was Chris Collinsworth that said it during the Cowboys/Giants broadcast, regarding Roy Williams. He mentioned how dearly departed Mr. Williams had never been in this good of shape he now is in with his new team… the Cowboys. They talk about the psychology in the locker room, which this should provide glearing insight into… who is going to push themselves to be better, quicker, stronger, more mentally prepared in an environment where those efforts are not rewarded unless everyone on the team shares such determination? Bottom line. The Lions gave up on their team too many years ago to count, and yet, players are still rewarded massive contracts and pay to merely show up. No, you needn’t excel, just make it appear you are trying and you will be rewarded. Most teams are motivated by winning, and possibly the recognition of being the best while doing it. Not the lions. They are simply motivated by a pay check. So all they do is show up for work. Even new enthusiasm and optimism of drafted and traded players soon is squashed in that apethetic and resigned environment.

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