Detroit Lions vs. Pittsburgh Steelers 10-11-09

Four words.  It’s time to win.

Our Detroit Lions chose to lose again today.  It’s time to quit reveling in moral victories and ‘progress’.  This team has the potential and talent to win now!

For too long this team has talked about changing the culture in Detroit.  Two things that need to change are being content with sporadic wins and being content with ‘progress’ even when there is a loss.

When our Detroit Lions beat the Redskins, this team, city and fans celebrated as if they just won a super bowl and came off a 16-0 season.  I was seriously expecting a parade!

This team right here and right now has the talent to win. It’s time this team play four quarters and not play at 50% after halftime. Time has long passed for this team to be content with sporadic wins and ‘moral victories’, even when they lose.

This team is choosing to lose. They don’t play at 100% for four quarters. They are content with sporadic wins and with ‘moral victories’.

Jim Schwartz needs to get in their face now, and tell them to win. They need to live up to their potential.

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