No More Excuses

Losing has become acceptable in Detroit. Winning sporadically is acceptable in Detroit. Moral victories are acceptable in Detroit. The only thing that doesn’t seem acceptable is actually winning!

Year after year we see and hear the same things. A string of losses is followed by a win and we celebrate, only to fall back and play poorly. Our team hangs tough against a team, but doesn’t win and we hear, “Hey they played hard, that’s progress. They’re on the right track.” These Lions get a new coach and some high draft picks and we hear, “Hey the team is rebuilding, give them some time, be patient.”

This plays like a broken record over and over. I’m here to declare that the broken record is nothing more than excuses. That’s right, they’re nothing than an acceptable way to allow for perpetual failure in Detroit.

We keep hearing about a culture change in Detroit. How about a culture change that simply says, “No more excuses.”

A loss is a loss. A string of losses is a string of losses. A moral victory is a loss. Losing is bad. Winning is good.

Until this simple equation gets burned in the minds of our Detroit Lions, the pattern will continue.


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