No More Cotton Candy Milestones

Last week we heard how Kevin Smith was going to rededicate himself to the running game. Before game one we heard how Jim Schwartz is a stickler for details. Then before the Seahawks game we heard how the Detroit Lions will further the progression of Brandon Pettigrew.

Enough is enough. Statements like these are nothing more than cotton candy. They are shoved in the mouths of the fan to make us think there is real progress being made once and for all. But in the end, these milestones disappear like cotton candy. Every week there is some new breakthrough thing this team plans on doing to set the tables right once and for all!

There is only one thing that will set the table straight. That one thing is doing the basics on every play and in every game. If they execute that, then the tables will be set straight again.

So enough with the cotton candy. It disappears and doesn’t last.

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