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Top 10 Lions Stuff From This Season

Posted in Detroit Lions with tags on January 13, 2010 by bigoranged

These really aren’t in any order. And frankly there is probably stuff  I missed.

10. The Drunk Chicks On Video

9. Culpepper Stanton starting QB controversy.

We all sat on the edge of our seats waiting to see who’d lead us to victory that fine day. Would it be the oft benched Stanton or the oft injured Culpepper?

8. Making Jay Cutler go upside down to get a TD in Chicago.

Remember our first game against the Bears this year?  Back when Cutler had ‘something to prove’.  Our defense was so good Cutler had to do an upside down, leaping, head first twist to get a TD. Go D!!

7. The signing of Patrick Ramsey

Hey when you have three unproven QB’s on staff, you might as well sign one more who’s really unproven.

6. Culpepper gets injured and Stanton comes in.

Our QB controversy was over!!  Well at least for three quarters.

5. Detroit Lion’s first win in like two years!! Almost.

We skinned the skins and almost gave William Clay Ford a heart attack. We can win us a game!!

4. The Jason Hanson, Swayze Waters, Billy Cundiff scare of 09.

Remember the best player on the team was injured in the preseason, so we got Swayze Waters. He kicks 51 yard field goal. But then he gets injured. So then umm…Billy Cundiff joins the squad.  I was waitin for Troy Aikman to take the field.

3. The my shoulder ain’t broken, get the *bleep* outta my way Stafford comeback.

Probably the greatest Lion’s win we’ve seen in a long time.  Matthew Stafford gets floored.  Yet comes back to lead this team to a win against the Browns.

2. Holy Crap we almost beat the Steelers.

So many bad teams beat them this year, except us. But we almost did.

1. Stafford Mic’ed up against The Browns.

Feel free to add yours.


The Fate Of Drew “He’s Still Developing” Stanton

Posted in Detroit Lions with tags , on January 12, 2010 by bigoranged

I want to know, who will be shown mercy? Will us Detroit Lion’s fans be shown mercy by releasing this guy so we can watch a new young quarterback ‘develop’ in the organization?

Better yet, will Drew Stanton be shown mercy and be sent to an organization with some stability that can develop his talent?  Well that’s assuming he has actual talent to develop.

Let me be frank, in most situations QB’s who have ‘speed’ and can scramble seem highly overrated to me.  They never seem to develop in to that powerhouse QB who can take you to a super bowl and actually win.

Sure a John Elway comes along every once in a while, but most of the time your powerhouse, super bowl winning quarterbacks are the ones who can drop back and just throw the ball.

I think Stanton needs a stable place where his ‘talent’ can be honed.  At this point in his career Detroit has become a morale sucking graveyard.  He clearly deserves better.

Take The Best Player Available In Draft?

Posted in Detroit Lions with tags on January 11, 2010 by bigoranged

I hear this every draft year and frankly I think it’s a load of horse manure.  People say you must draft the best player available regardless of if you need him.

It’s quite possible that the best player available this year might be a quarterback.  Do we draft him and blow another wad of money on a position we already have?

We need to draft the best possible player that fits our needs.  Anyone who thinks opposite is probably named Matt Millen or thinks Fridge Perry was a great back to run in the wildcat.  In other words, they’re clearly out of their mind!

If someone can make a better case against what I said here, I’m open to hearing it .

Reality-Aid Instead of Kool-Aid Coming Out Of Detroit Lions Camp

Posted in Detroit Lions with tags , , , on January 8, 2010 by bigoranged

Usually our Detroit Lions front office puts out sunshine and rainbow stories about how they had  a great practice or how the third string CB is practicing hard.   These are all usual attempts by our beloved Detroit Lion’s organization to make things look good.

I was shocked to see our Detroit Lions put out some reality-aid this week.  Maybe they ran out of koo-aid and needed to brew something new.

They had an actual story about how the 2-14 record was a major disappointment.  Who would of thunk it?

I think this is a major step in the right direction.  Admitting the problem is the first step toward recovery.

Hi, I’m The Detroit Lions and not winning is terrible!

William Clay Ford Is The Detroit Lion’s Problem?

Posted in Detroit Lions with tags , , on January 7, 2010 by bigoranged

I’ve heard the argument for a while now that the biggest problem with the Detroit Lions is William Clay Ford.  Is this true?

As a fan I’ve seen this team flounder for years.  But is that because of William Clay Ford?  I would say yes and no.

Let’s start with the no reason first.  Ford isn’t stingy with money at all.  He signed Stafford for $41 million, all the way up to $71 million.  He’s allowed his staff to go out and blow huge chunks of change on players.  So there is no provable fear of spending money on Ford’s part.  Anyone who says this just isn’t paying attention to the organization.

To me the biggest ‘yes reason’ centers on Ford’s love of Matt Millen for so long.  Matt Millen is really what caused this team to have a losing record for nearly ten years now.  Ford hung on to this man despite his clear ability to fail under every circumstance.

Also, keep in mind, it’s not uncommon for an organization to go ten or more years without a winning season.  So putting things in perspective here, this decade long dry spell isn’t something uncommon to the NFL. I’ll grant you that not winning a Super Bowl for so long is not good, but the long dry spell of a non-winning seasons is quite common.

So yeah, hanging on to Millen for so long was not one of Ford’s high points as an owner.  On the other hand, this guy isn’t afraid to spend money to get players. He’ll put his money forward to improve this team.

I say cut the guy a break for a decade of his mistake for loving Millen.  In the big picture he has done tons financially to try and better this team.  And this decade long dry streak of no winning seasons isn’t something unique to only his organization.

This team is hopefully on the right track now that he’s seen the light and fired Millen. Let’s suspend final decisions on Ford for a few more years.

Marin-victor Or Marin-loser? – Vindicating Rod Marinelli

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Rod Marinelli goes down in history as the only NFL coach to lose 16 games in a regular season.  But you know what else, he also went down as the Detroit Lions coach with the most wins under the Millen, Kangaroo Island regime.

Marinelli had this team on a steady path towards the top. Remember 2007 when they finished 7-9, just one victory shy of .500 and maybe two away from a wildcard?

Many will credit that to Mike Martz and his ability to squeeze two gallons of offense out of a one gallon offensive jug.

Then what happened in 2008?  The Lions under Matt Millen didnt try to keep Mike Martz on.  What followed?

That’s right, instead of progressing forward, this team went backwards. Way back!  A big 0-16 backwards.

I think we need to vindicate Marinelli a bit here. When he was given the tools, he had this organization on a consistent path upwards.  A 7-9 record is major progress!

Listen, if you take a hammer out of a construction workers tool case, he probably won’t be able to build a house.  Take Mike Martz and others off the staff and you’re probably going to fail royally.

I think Rod Marinelli was a stand up coach.  He had these players working their hardest and did the best with what he was given in his tool case.  A tool case prepared by Matt Millen.

Lions Win Two Super Bowls – What An Adrenaline Rush

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How can we possibly put a positive spin on a two win season?  Now that’s it’s over, can we calmly sit back and have any kind of positive emotions?   Or are we just stuck with tossing out more sarcastic barbs about this team?

Face it, if you’re a Detroit Lions fan, every win is like winning a Super Bowl. They’re rare and whether you want to admit it or not, you feel awefully high and happy after the win!

For fans of successful teams, a win leaves a joyful feeling, but it’s not quite the adrenaline rush we get.  Which leads me to my positive spin for this season.

Fans of most winning teams may be ready for a post season game.  Other fans may be looking forward to the draft like us.  But emotionally, they haven’t been as high as we have been twice this year.

The only fans who will get as emotionally  high as we have been twice this year, are the fans of the eventual Super Bowl winners.  Yet here’s the thing, they’ll only get one emotional high!  We’ve had two emtional highs.

What a rush man!  So what’s the positive spin this year?  Simply that we’ve had more intense emtional highs than fans of winning teams and even of fans of the eventual Super Bowl winner.

So take that NFL!