Marin-victor Or Marin-loser? – Vindicating Rod Marinelli

Rod Marinelli goes down in history as the only NFL coach to lose 16 games in a regular season.  But you know what else, he also went down as the Detroit Lions coach with the most wins under the Millen, Kangaroo Island regime.

Marinelli had this team on a steady path towards the top. Remember 2007 when they finished 7-9, just one victory shy of .500 and maybe two away from a wildcard?

Many will credit that to Mike Martz and his ability to squeeze two gallons of offense out of a one gallon offensive jug.

Then what happened in 2008?  The Lions under Matt Millen didnt try to keep Mike Martz on.  What followed?

That’s right, instead of progressing forward, this team went backwards. Way back!  A big 0-16 backwards.

I think we need to vindicate Marinelli a bit here. When he was given the tools, he had this organization on a consistent path upwards.  A 7-9 record is major progress!

Listen, if you take a hammer out of a construction workers tool case, he probably won’t be able to build a house.  Take Mike Martz and others off the staff and you’re probably going to fail royally.

I think Rod Marinelli was a stand up coach.  He had these players working their hardest and did the best with what he was given in his tool case.  A tool case prepared by Matt Millen.


One Response to “Marin-victor Or Marin-loser? – Vindicating Rod Marinelli”

  1. Neil Fischer Says:

    Really? you want him vindicated? You do realalize that the team he had on the field was his team, not Millens. The guys he wanted were small and fast for his Tampa 2 system. He wanted guys with heart, talent was secondary. I say not only do you not vindicate him but also blame him for the mess were in now. Our defense needs a complete overhaul because of him. If you believe we were a legit 7-9 team in 2007, and a legit 0-16 team in 2008 then I dont think you watched those 2 seasons closly. Both were probably worth 2-4 wins. We werent the worst team in league in 2008 just the worst record.

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