William Clay Ford Is The Detroit Lion’s Problem?

I’ve heard the argument for a while now that the biggest problem with the Detroit Lions is William Clay Ford.  Is this true?

As a fan I’ve seen this team flounder for years.  But is that because of William Clay Ford?  I would say yes and no.

Let’s start with the no reason first.  Ford isn’t stingy with money at all.  He signed Stafford for $41 million, all the way up to $71 million.  He’s allowed his staff to go out and blow huge chunks of change on players.  So there is no provable fear of spending money on Ford’s part.  Anyone who says this just isn’t paying attention to the organization.

To me the biggest ‘yes reason’ centers on Ford’s love of Matt Millen for so long.  Matt Millen is really what caused this team to have a losing record for nearly ten years now.  Ford hung on to this man despite his clear ability to fail under every circumstance.

Also, keep in mind, it’s not uncommon for an organization to go ten or more years without a winning season.  So putting things in perspective here, this decade long dry spell isn’t something uncommon to the NFL. I’ll grant you that not winning a Super Bowl for so long is not good, but the long dry spell of a non-winning seasons is quite common.

So yeah, hanging on to Millen for so long was not one of Ford’s high points as an owner.  On the other hand, this guy isn’t afraid to spend money to get players. He’ll put his money forward to improve this team.

I say cut the guy a break for a decade of his mistake for loving Millen.  In the big picture he has done tons financially to try and better this team.  And this decade long dry streak of no winning seasons isn’t something unique to only his organization.

This team is hopefully on the right track now that he’s seen the light and fired Millen. Let’s suspend final decisions on Ford for a few more years.


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