Take The Best Player Available In Draft?

I hear this every draft year and frankly I think it’s a load of horse manure.  People say you must draft the best player available regardless of if you need him.

It’s quite possible that the best player available this year might be a quarterback.  Do we draft him and blow another wad of money on a position we already have?

We need to draft the best possible player that fits our needs.  Anyone who thinks opposite is probably named Matt Millen or thinks Fridge Perry was a great back to run in the wildcat.  In other words, they’re clearly out of their mind!

If someone can make a better case against what I said here, I’m open to hearing it .


One Response to “Take The Best Player Available In Draft?”

  1. Dr Awesome Says:

    I do not disagree with the opinion at all, however, I do think the statement “we will take the best player available in the draft” can be a useful tool in dealing that top pick for valuable multiple picks. For the Lions it can be extra beneficial as no one would put it past them to draft someone who we do not need.

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