The Fate Of Drew “He’s Still Developing” Stanton

I want to know, who will be shown mercy? Will us Detroit Lion’s fans be shown mercy by releasing this guy so we can watch a new young quarterback ‘develop’ in the organization?

Better yet, will Drew Stanton be shown mercy and be sent to an organization with some stability that can develop his talent?  Well that’s assuming he has actual talent to develop.

Let me be frank, in most situations QB’s who have ‘speed’ and can scramble seem highly overrated to me.  They never seem to develop in to that powerhouse QB who can take you to a super bowl and actually win.

Sure a John Elway comes along every once in a while, but most of the time your powerhouse, super bowl winning quarterbacks are the ones who can drop back and just throw the ball.

I think Stanton needs a stable place where his ‘talent’ can be honed.  At this point in his career Detroit has become a morale sucking graveyard.  He clearly deserves better.


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