Top 10 Lions Stuff From This Season

These really aren’t in any order. And frankly there is probably stuff  I missed.

10. The Drunk Chicks On Video

9. Culpepper Stanton starting QB controversy.

We all sat on the edge of our seats waiting to see who’d lead us to victory that fine day. Would it be the oft benched Stanton or the oft injured Culpepper?

8. Making Jay Cutler go upside down to get a TD in Chicago.

Remember our first game against the Bears this year?  Back when Cutler had ‘something to prove’.  Our defense was so good Cutler had to do an upside down, leaping, head first twist to get a TD. Go D!!

7. The signing of Patrick Ramsey

Hey when you have three unproven QB’s on staff, you might as well sign one more who’s really unproven.

6. Culpepper gets injured and Stanton comes in.

Our QB controversy was over!!  Well at least for three quarters.

5. Detroit Lion’s first win in like two years!! Almost.

We skinned the skins and almost gave William Clay Ford a heart attack. We can win us a game!!

4. The Jason Hanson, Swayze Waters, Billy Cundiff scare of 09.

Remember the best player on the team was injured in the preseason, so we got Swayze Waters. He kicks 51 yard field goal. But then he gets injured. So then umm…Billy Cundiff joins the squad.  I was waitin for Troy Aikman to take the field.

3. The my shoulder ain’t broken, get the *bleep* outta my way Stafford comeback.

Probably the greatest Lion’s win we’ve seen in a long time.  Matthew Stafford gets floored.  Yet comes back to lead this team to a win against the Browns.

2. Holy Crap we almost beat the Steelers.

So many bad teams beat them this year, except us. But we almost did.

1. Stafford Mic’ed up against The Browns.

Feel free to add yours.


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