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4th And 1 Call Changes Culture Forever In Detroit

Posted in Detroit Lions, Roots with tags , , , , , on September 13, 2009 by bigoranged

That decision to go for it on fourth and short has changed the culture forever in Detroit.  These Detroit Lions went on to score a touchdown and got the score to 14-10 New Orleans.  I can’t overstate it enough!  This call has changed the culture forever in Detroit.  Ford stock just went up $5 on that call alone.  Good job Kevin Smith on scoring that touchdown for the Detroit Lions in the second quarter.


Rodney Fingers

Posted in Detroit Tigers, Hollers, Roots with tags on July 25, 2009 by bigoranged

Great job by our all star calibre reliever Fernando Rodney tonight.  He came in, got the win and defeated those shmucks.

Our Detroit Tigers continue to dominate everything they face this year. Our line-up full of heroes and all stars came out tonight and dominated once again. Good job boys. Keep it up.  Those bats are unstoppable this year.


Posted in Detroit Tigers, Roots with tags on July 24, 2009 by bigoranged

My man Verlander dominated again tonight. Nine innings of shut out ball against a team that sucks more than a vaccuum salesman convention.  If anyone deserves the MVP this year it’s gotta be Verlander.  He’s unhittable and on track for at least 30 wins if he keeps this up. Denny Mclain eat your heart out

My root award has to go to Verlander and my holler for this game goes to our line up…How can these bums only score two runs against Conteras?  It’s easier to hit Conteras than a beach ball super glued to a tee on a non windy day.