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Lions Win Two Super Bowls – What An Adrenaline Rush

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How can we possibly put a positive spin on a two win season?  Now that’s it’s over, can we calmly sit back and have any kind of positive emotions?   Or are we just stuck with tossing out more sarcastic barbs about this team?

Face it, if you’re a Detroit Lions fan, every win is like winning a Super Bowl. They’re rare and whether you want to admit it or not, you feel awefully high and happy after the win!

For fans of successful teams, a win leaves a joyful feeling, but it’s not quite the adrenaline rush we get.  Which leads me to my positive spin for this season.

Fans of most winning teams may be ready for a post season game.  Other fans may be looking forward to the draft like us.  But emotionally, they haven’t been as high as we have been twice this year.

The only fans who will get as emotionally  high as we have been twice this year, are the fans of the eventual Super Bowl winners.  Yet here’s the thing, they’ll only get one emotional high!  We’ve had two emtional highs.

What a rush man!  So what’s the positive spin this year?  Simply that we’ve had more intense emtional highs than fans of winning teams and even of fans of the eventual Super Bowl winner.

So take that NFL!


Time For Our Lions To Trade Calvin Johnson

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It’s time for our Detroit Lions to trade Calvin Johnson. I can hear the heckles right now, but hear me out.

Calvin Johnson is injured too often.  He’s spent too much time warming the injured list and not enough time on the field helping this team.

When Johnson is healthy, he’s great.  But all too often he’s injured.  This pattern of getting injured is not going away.  If this pattern repeats, we may end up with a stud receiver who can’t play and gives us nothing in return.

It’s time to trade him while he has plenty of value.  I can hear the objections though.

“But he’s our best stud wide receiver!”

This is true. But here’s the deal.  You don’t need a stud wide receiver to win a super bowl.  To win a superbowl you need a qb who can pass the ball and quality receivers who can catch.  At least on the offensive side.  You need an o-line who can give the qb time to pass or the rb lanes to run in.

It doesn’t matter if you have four stud WR’s. Without that o-line to protect the qb, the wr’s won’t matter.  So let’s trade Calvin now while we can, while his value is high.  We can get some great draft picks in return. Or maybe some o-line.  Or maybe a combination of both.

Our team got a great trade last year out of Roy Williams. Imagine what can be done with Calvin Johson.

We have receivers that can catch the ball. We have running-backs who can find lanes and run well. What we don’t have is the o-line to make all this happen.

To me, the long term payoff of trading ONE injury prone receiver for the LONG term benefits of a strong o-line, well, it just makes sense.

The red flags of CJ’s perpetual injuries are blatantly obvious.  Even a blind person can see them.  He still has some value and some team will be sucker enough to give up a lot for him.

What happens if we keep him?  Well, if we can predict the future by looking at the past, he’ll continue to be injured way too often. When he does play, he’ll give us short and sporadic big plays to oggle.  Which is nice for a fan to watch if you’re only going to look at the small picture.

This team will continue to lose because our qb won’t have the o-line that allows him time to get the ball to the receivers consistently.  Our runningbacks will continue to operate at a subpar level.

But hey, if you’re content with seeing this guy play a few games a year and make sporadic big plays as the team loses, more power to you.

I’d rather get maximum value for him now. See this team build a credible o-line.  Then watch with a smile as our qb has time to get the ball to ‘quality’ receivers. Yeah they may not be studs, but if you got a strong o-line, quality receivers is all you need.

But the choice rests with Lion’s leadership. I hope they make the right decision.

No More Tears – Lions Vikings Pregame 9-20-09 Game

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Our Detroit Lions play the Minnesota Vikings this week 9-20-09 at Ford Field.

Things look good for our Detroit Lions this week.  The Minnesota Brett Faverz don’t stand a chance. Or is that Farzverz?
Hey our quarterback can spell his name the way it’s supposed to sound, that has to give us some advantage.  Plus Brett Favre’s ego is bigger than his body can hold, I predict he spontaneously combusts by the second quarter due to his body not being able to hold his ego.

One thing we were told before last week’s game is that Schwartz pays so much attention to detail, that he even tapes the national anthem and reviews it.  If he can correct all the details of last week’s mistakes, this team stands a good chance of winning.

Stafford is humbled but poised. This is probably the first time in a long time Stafford has become humbled.  Being humbled will make him wiser, but not less poised or bold. Look for some wisdom and strength out of Matthew Stafford.

This game is on our own turf this week.  Home field advantage matters some.  We may be playing on our turf this week, but Favre and Peterson will be falling on it a lot due to our defense.  They’ll be so familiar with the turf this week that they’ll know how many squares there are of turf on the field.

Johnson and Johnson makes the shampoo called No More Tears.  This week our receiver combo of Johnson and Johnson will bring nothing but tears to the Minnesota defense.

My big harping point for this week is going to be tight end, tight end, tight end.  Use that first rounder Pettigrew!  He wasn’t drafted so Heller could start.  He was drafted because he’s a great athlete and he should be given the ball.  Getting the ball to him will take the pressure off of our Johnsons and the running game.

That’s all for now.

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Post Game Detroit Lions New Orleans Saints 9-13-09

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Detroit Lions vs. New Orleans Saints, what a game!  Tons of great stuff to build off of.

*Ironic that the best part of our game had the word special in it.  The special teams looked great.

*Delmas should be a difference maker. He recovered a fumble that helped us score.

*Hanson still consistent.

*Stafford is ‘poised’ for success.  If he keeps his poise he’ll continue to get better.

*No die mentality.  This team had  a great no die mentality today, they need to keep it up.

*Less Johnson, more tightend.  They need to get the tightend position involved to get pressure off of the Johnsons.  If the tightend is used more, the Johnson WR’s will be loosened up to catch more balls.

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Detroit Lions Stand For The National Anthem

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So I’m writing this after the Lions gave up their first TD of the season.  I heard a positive comment about my Detroit Lions that I don’t want to hear as the first positive comment of the season!

Apparently Jim Schwartz films the team as they’re standing for The National Anthem.  Then the team goes over the film so they can stand for the anthem better.

This was the first positive comment of the year from the booth.  Nothing about the strenght of defense or offense.  Nopes, we hear that our Detroit Lions know how to stand during the national anthem.

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